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Welcome to Otaku Generations! We are now open for posting~

Here You decide what happens anywhere and everywhere. This is a roleplaying site with no real limits, except for the obvious of course. We don't want the site to go bai bai becaue of law breaking posts. *gasp*

On that note, No hating on eachother, no Godmoding, and no perverted things that are adult rated... O-o
I hate to have to put that up as something you see first thing, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

I hope you stay awhile and play with us~ We've only just started out, but so far we're already building quiet a bit.
We very recently moved from a forum, yes most of you know what forum... and that one had only just started and already had over 200 posts in a few days.

The above banner is ever changing, if you have any requests feel free to PM them to Hioni and she'll consider sticking your favorite characters up there!

On yet another note a Disclaimer... Any anime based images or ideas are not owned by this site. Nor is any music played by the players. We created none of it, own none of it, we may wish to be as briliant minded as those who created them... but we do not own the anime or music on this site.
Guild News

Okay... we have an issue it seems.

Hioni, Dec 20, 10 8:48 PM.
Apparently it seems that there is a cap limit to how many posts we can post per topic. Soooo~ Every 15 posts it stops you from posting anymore, however. We can get around this.... somehow. Every time a topic reaches the cap limit, create a new topic...
For example, Secrets just reached it's limit. So I'll be making Secrets part II.... though we're still only just in the begining...
Frankly I am not very happy with this since I didn't see it at all on the terms of use... I have to read over it again. However if this weighs us down too much, we may move BACK to the other site which I loath the idea of after moving everything over here.... -___- In short, Hioni feels VERY stupid right now...

We are OPEN

Hioni, Dec 18, 10 1:38 AM.
YAY The forum is now finished~ Everything is in place that has been needed to be put in place. Mind you there are still links I'm gathering, but Those will be posted as we go anyways. Have fun and enjoy~

still accepting music request for the players...
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